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bedtime stories for children

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Our books are meant to be read along with your child at bedtime. A little music, a little rhyme, and they’ll be asleep in no time!


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The Bear & Bee is a lyrical tale of an unlikely pair of friends who build a life together on the Island of Bearberia. Open the book or ebook and read to your child at bedtime with a choice of musical accompaniment. The bedtime stories are beautifully illustrated in both print and ebook including mobile friendly child safe games, puzzles and coloring book. Available worldwide in 10 languages, the Bear & Bee entertain in rhyme and charming stories that present a range of modern dynamics meant to benefit any child. The Bear & Bee children's books explore the idea of 'normal' in a child's mind, whether the child is in a special living situation or learning to understand the world around them. The theme is ideal for single parent households or children raised by grandparents or siblings. Each bedtime story concludes with a message that home is about love and family.
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Bedtime Storybook Preview: Bear & Bee

Bear and Bee Sample Book
26 August

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