Carly Jones
Mother, Advocate, Filmmaker

Carly Jones is our honored consultant on autism and child development. She is a renowned expert on the impact of autism diagnosis in children and provided valuable feedback in the development of the Bear & Bee stories.

About Carly Jones
Carly Jones is an activist for the equality and understanding of Autistic women and girls. Carly has 2 Autistic daughters and was also diagnosed as Asperger’s. Carly has, of course, been on the Autistic spectrum since birth, but was only diagnosed as an adult due to the lack of awareness in females and Autism when she grew up. Carly published a book, under pseudonym Olley Edwards, to help others navigate growing up this way titled “Why aren’t normal people normal?” and she speaks at events in order to stop the stigma attached to being Autistic and to support the understanding of Autistic females.

Carly has spoken at The National Autistic society Professional awards, The United Nations, British House of Lords, The world Human rights Forum Marrakesh, St Johns College and has been sought out by international media outlets for her expertise. Carly has used her lifelong interest in media to help spread acceptance further through TV and radio shows as well as in film making. Her short film, Epidemic of Knowledge, has been featured worldwide in numerous film festivals where it has won major awards and accolades.

She has also founded the Olley Edwards Academy, a group that helps eliminate the isolation of home educated Autistic students who have many talents yet struggle in mainstream.

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