Shiån Serei
Father, Author, Musician, Artist

Shiån Serei is an accomplished international author, and story teller. Shiån has worked with children’s charities and missions from around the world. His efforts as a philanthropist, author and musician are brought together in the “Bear & Bee, Bedtime Rhymes” project. The electronic version of the books includes musical tracks to accompany the reader as they spend that magical time just before bed with their children.

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Shiån was a single father when his children were young. During that time, he became frustrated with the ‘up and down’ syndrome that occurred each night at bedtime. His kids were simply not ready to fall asleep! Then one night, he made a discovery, he began playing acoustic songs on his guitar. After 20 minutes, his children were completely calm and slept through the night.

Nightly concerts became his tradition thereafter until his children were almost in their teens. Naturally, both of them grew up and went on to become musicians as well, something Shiån was especially proud to see happen. “Playing guitar is a hobby that can be continued for a lifetime and my family reunions often revolve around playing instruments when the relatives gather,” he says.

The Bear & Bee rhymes are all original poems, written by Shiån to help develop a child’s understanding of the world, especially regarding what we often call ‘normal.’ There are many kinds of families, and relationships in the world that are different to others and the idea that one kind of family or pattern is “right” often confuses children. For example, a child raised by their grandparents, or a single parent can present unique challenges that are not addressed beyond the home. Moreover, mixed cultures, races, ages, and genders are becoming more common in modern relationships, but all children are the same. They need loving attention and an understanding that ‘different’ is not so unique nor is it wrong.

The Bear & Bee, an unlikely pairing of characters, are exactly that. Two individuals who chose to be together, amidst criticism and challenges that appear in each story. The Bear & Bee, entertain in rhyme and charming stories that present a range of modern dynamics meant to benefit any child, whether the child is in a special living situation or learning to understand the world around them with an open mind.

Shiån Serei graduated from the University of New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology & Sociology and holds multiple Associate of Science Degrees. He studies multiple foreign languages and is also the author of the Kingdom of Meridian Romance Novels,and has written scripts for television and stage plays.

Shian Serei author of bear and bee childrens books

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