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The Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes are a lyrical tale of two unlikely characters who become friends and build a life together. Across the Pollen Sea on the island of Bearberia a bear destroys a bee hive in hopes of finding honey. The consequences help the Bear see how his actions affect others and inspire him to apologize and offer shelter to the Bee just as winter sets in.

The theme of the Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes demonstrates that as long as there is love at home, then a child should feel their life is 'normal' regardless of whom they call a parent. The stories are part of an interactive media experience featuring online games and acoustic music that can be played while reading.

The songs are based on the author's experience when trying to get his children to go to bed. He discovered that playing guitar by their bed helped them fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night. The songs can be played on mobile devices while reading the stories as an eBook or played along side the print version. Child safe games are HTML5 compliant and can be accessed from any mobile device with internet access.

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