Endicott, Part Three: Wrong, Wrong and Wrong Again

June 14, 2017 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

In her article for the Huffington Post about which I’ve written the previous two days, Marisa Endicott treads uncertainly between the merely misleading and the outright false (Huffington Post, 6/9/17). Hers is the type of zeal we often see coming from those who would erect still more barriers between children and their fathers. Endicott’s taken up the cause of those who pretend that no parent ever alienates a child from another parent. That of course plumbs the depths of absurdity. The newspapers are chock full of obvious examples to the contrary.

One standard dodge by the anti-dad crowd is to elide the differences between PAS and PA. Endicott proves herself an adept student.

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