Kisses VS. Hugs

Kisses vs. Hugs | Online Game from Bear and Bee Bedtime Rhymes

Which is better, Kisses: X or Hugs: O ? Find out by being the first to connect three X’s or O’s while blocking your opponent. Kisses VS. Hugs is a fun challenge based on the traditional Tic-Tac-Toe, and one of the most popular games in Bearberia.

Your best strategy is to have two lines building at the same time, leaving your opponent only one way to block you, while you complete the other line. Not possible? Then block them in the same manner and no one wins. Try again and have fun!

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The Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes is a lyrical bedtime story of two unlikely friends living on the island of Bearberia. The Bear & Bee characters meet under difficult circumstance, work out their differences and chose to make a life together. The series of illustrated stories presents their activities, amidst the criticism and challenges that appear in each story.

Bear & Bee entertain, in rhyme, through charming tales of their adventures and life lessons that cover a range of modern dynamics. The books challenge the concept of “normal families” in an age of diverse culture, ethnicity, single parent and generational parenting.

The conclusion of each story can benefit any child, whether the child is in a unique living situation or learning to understand the world around them with an open mind. Interactive eBook and print versions are available in ten languages. 

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