In Nebraska, Flawed Parents Still Get 50/50 Parenting Time

August 23, 2017 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

At last! Out of Nebraska there comes both a sensible trial court ruling and a sensible appellate court one. In a nutshell, the family court judge ruled that two parents, Thomas and Angelina Spethman, were imperfect, but loving parents. Each had foibles, each failed at times to keep promises, each lapsed briefly in oversight of the kids, etc. But none of that interfered with their love for and dedication to their five children. So the week-on/week-off parenting schedule the trial court ordered and that Thomas and Angelina adhered to was appropriate and worked well.

In short, both courts kept their eye on the ball. That is, in all child custody cases, what’s most important is what’s best for the kids. What’s best for the kids tends strongly to be equally shared parenting. And we don’t require perfection of either parent in order to enter an order that doesn’t marginalize one in the lives of the children. Every parent who’s ever lived is flawed in some – usually many – ways. That is not a reason to interfere in their relationship with their children.

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