International Conference on Shared Parenting: Day Two

June 7, 2017 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Having dispensed with Hilary Towers’ nonsense published by the Institute for Family Studies, I can now return to the good news – Day Two of the International Conference on Shared Parenting. The conference was a feel-good moment for, I think, everyone there. The sense that we’re on the right track was solidified when Dr. Sanford Braver, one of the most prominent of all researchers in the field of child custody and parenting time, told activists there that it’s “just a matter of time before this (shared parenting) penetrates” and to “keep fighting because you’re winning.” Powerful encouragement indeed.

Day Two began with Australian law professor and researcher Patrick Parkinson speaking on relocations by one parent. He’s studied the matter and found that almost invariably, the parent wanting to move is the mother. In the cases Parkinson studied, relocation was approved by the court in 60% of cases. That’s true despite the fact that it meant the loss to the child of friends and moving to a different school and of course the move dealt a serious (sometimes fatal) blow to the child’s relationship with his/her father. Of those whose relocation request was denied, over half said it was better that they hadn’t moved.

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