The Making of Bear & Bee

Behind the Bedtime Stories

The idea for integrating acoustic guitar into the Bear & Bee Bedtime Stories began when author Shiån Serei’s children were small and refused to go to bed on time. Shian began playing guitar at night, while guarding their rooms, and discovered his children fell asleep quickly and slept through the night. A nightly concert became their routine and now he shares the music in his book Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes. Available in 10 languages worldwide in eBook and Print versions.

About BearBeria

Bearberia is an imaginary island and is home to the Bear & Bee, an unlikley pair of friends who build their life together in rhyming stories, where you pick the music, play games and read their stories at bedtime.
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About Shiån Serei

Shiån Serei author bear and bee bedtime stories

Shian is an accomplished international author, entrepreneur, and storyteller. Shian has worked with children’s charities and missions from around the world. His efforts as a philanthropist, author and musician are brought together in the “Bear & Bee, Bedtime Rhymes” project. The electronic version of the books includes musical tracks to accompany the reader as they spend that magical time just before bed with their children.

Shian Serei graduated from the University of New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology & Sociology and holds multiple Associate of Science Degrees. He studies multiple foreign languages and is also the author of the Kingdom of Meridian Romance Novels

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