Nebraska Judicial Training versus Science: Enter Emery

May 21, 2017 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

As I showed last time, the Nebraska Committee on Judicial Branch Education first invited shared parenting advocate Dr. Linda Nielsen to speak to its judges’ conference in the Fall of 2014 and then disinvited her. Its representative, director Carole McMahon-Boies claimed that was because a tight budget prohibited their having Nielsen speak. That was a lie. We know it was a lie because the same day she disinvited Nielsen, she invited anti-shared parenting advocate Robert Emery to speak to the same group at the same time. McMahon-Boies never mentioned any issue of budgetary strictures to Emery. The JBE paid his honorarium and expenses just as it had promised Nielsen.

That brings us to the last of the documents turned over by the Administrator of Courts, Corey Steel, to shared parenting advocate Dr. Les Veskrna pursuant to his Open Records Act request. Those are copies of the slides of Emery’s presentation to the judges. Whoever decided to disinvite Nielsen clearly got his/her money’s worth from Emery who rarely has a good word to say about either fathers or shared parenting.

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