Now California DCFS Can Take Children from Fit Parents on the Theory that They May be at Risk of Harm

July 28, 2017 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

In yesterday’s piece, I described how the California Supreme Court dramatically expanded state power at the expense of parental rights in the case of In re R.T. R.T.’s mother, Lisa E., is agreed by all to be a fit parent who’s concerned for her daughter’s welfare. She’s done nothing wrong as a mother. She’s never abused or neglected R.T.

Despite that, she can’t control R.T.’s behavior. R.T. has been running away from home for the past 3 ½ years and is now 17. She became pregnant at age 15 and is pregnant again. Her first child is a ward of the state.

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