Shiån Serei – Interview on Authors-First Show

Shian Serei Interview

Attention Romance Novel Fans: The romantic adventure, “The Bee Keeper’s Daughter” will be reviewed live with author Shiån Serei on the “Authors-First” Show on ArtistFirst World Radio Network, Tuesday, January 31, at 6:00 PM (EST). Tune-in from anywhere on your Smart Phone, Car, Tablet, PC, or any wi-fi device.

Shiån will also talk about his new children’s book project, Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes.

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About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter:
The Bee Keeper’s Daughter by Shian Serei is a medieval romance novel that is anything but what you expect from the genre. You’re immediately off and running within the first chapter as the main character, Maria, must evade capture and travel Russia’s Volga river to reach distant relatives. Along the way the young girl of 19 years, is exposed to a dangerous and intriguing world that opens her eyes to romance, love, friendship and adventure. The story combined Russian phrases and customs, along with compelling characters based on years of research and development by the author. This is an intense and captivating tale that you’re sure to enjoy along with the upcoming 4 additional books in the Kingdom of Meridian Series.

About Bear and Bee Bedtime Rhymes:
The Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes are a lyrical tale of two unlikely characters who become friends and build a life together. Across the Pollen Sea on the island of Bearberia a bear destroys a bee hive in hopes of finding honey. The consequences help the Bear see how his actions affect others and inspire him to apologize and offer shelter to the Bee just as winter sets in. Available on #Amazon #Kindle in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese versions.


— Aurous Publishing